The Real G-Dragon is Back with New Songs

Posted June 8, 2017 by

The solo album of G-Dragon has been revealed.

G-Dragon’s solo album “Kwon Jiyong” was released online at 6pm today.

The album consists of five tracks: “Middle Fingers Up”, “Bullshit”, “Super Star”, “Untitled”, and “Divina Commedia”.

The title song “Untitled” has an impressive piano melody, and G-Dragon sings about how he misses an ex-lover in a slow beat. It is quite a change from his usual strong rap songs.

His sad singing voice touches the hearts of the listeners, especially in the chorus part that goes, “I’m okay with losing everything I have if I could see you just one more time.”

“Bullshit” is a powerful hip hop song as strong as the title. Even from the beginning of the song, G-Dragon raps, “What is this bullshit? I don’t know either so go ask”, and the strong lyrics combined with the powerful hip hop beat defines the tone of the song.

In the solo album, G-Dragon tried to express his personal side by singing about what he is worried about these days and the growth pains he’s been going through as a guy who just entered his thirties.

“Kwon Jiyong” is not an album made to produce hit songs. It is an album that G-Dragon made to do the music he wants to do now and talk about what he is going through as a regular person

Source: MBN Star via YG Life