Update Regarding Messages for G-Dragon

Posted March 7, 2018 by

EDIT: Korean VIPs say that this White Skull Facebook Page is fake/not official based on their old posts. (Source: DCBB 1, 2) So take their updates with a grain of salt. We’ll leave this post up for discussion related to G-Dragon’s military service.

EDIT 2: Korean fans contacted the Ministry of Defense, and they’ve confirmed that White Skull FB page is indeed not official.

Context: ROK has a website where those who are doing their mandatory service can receive e-letters. They updated their website a couple days ago for new trainees which includes G-Dragon. Since then, G-Dragon’s mailbox has received over two thousand messages hence this Facebook update from White Skull (screencaps below). Furthermore, there’s another trainee named Kwon Jiyong that fans mistake as G-Dragon, so that other trainee has been getting messages not meant for him.