G-Dragon’s Special Autograph Events in Military?

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Despite the fact that G-DRAGON from K-pop boy band BIGBANG joined the army, his popularity is unstoppable.

Recently, several online communities released photos of G-Dragon’s autograph and garnered attention from the public.

One of the photos, for instance, is uploaded by his fan with G-Dragon’s authentic autograph. With the photo, the fan commented that it is the autograph that G-Dragon did for his fellow soldiers in the same military training center.

Since it is expected that G-Dragon signed autograph after an intense training schedule, his fans and the public are amazed by G-Dragon’s generous behavior for his companions. Many of his fans responded, “I am so jealous that he got G-Dragon’s autograph!”, “Should I join the army?”, and many more.

Yet some of G-Dragon’s fans reflected concerns toward their artist, saying, “Does G-Dragon do this after all day training?”, “I hope he doesn’t get stressed”, and so on.

G-Dragon enlisted in the military on February 27 as an active-duty soldier at a military training base located in Gangwon-do. He is expected to be discharged from the mandatory duty in November 2019.

Source: SBS Star

EDITED: Korean fans contacted the Ministry of Defense, and they’ve confirmed that White Skull Facebook page is not official.

White Skull Facebook Update (180205)

White Skull FB Update:

“GD will likely cry and laugh for chocopies too, and go Catholic, and then Buddhist and Christian lol”

Context: It seems like they posted before about actors Joo Won (on pic) and Ji Changwook eating chocopie soaked in tears and how they attend different religious services to “win” chocopies. (Source)