T.O.P @ Yongsan Crafts Museum

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Please note: The center has a specific purpose and hosts specific events. T.O.P is also there to complete his service time, not as an idol, and we should respect that. We are happy to share photos and such from those that happen to visit/be there while he is working, but please do not go out of your way to visit the center or cause any issues for those working there. The center is to be used for crafts and education, not for us to see T.O.P, please remember that and be respectful of that when in the area. With that being said, we are thankful for the images and such we get from those that have visited.

Just landed, and see so many people appreciated that I shared @choi_seung_hyun_tttop picture yesterday. Maybe I should share a little bit longer video of him making ceramics. Look, he is so nice to the kids around, and he is a big kid himself too, isn't him🤣 HIS SMILE KILLS💣 Stay healthy and happy, and we will wait for all 5 of you be together again💕 #권지용 #GD #GDRAGON #kwonjiyong #탑의멍청이들 #탑 #최승현 #용산공예관 #TOP #ChoiSeungHyun **I was a little bit hesitating to post more, because I was texted by some fans to take the video down on weibo, and was told everything about seunghyun out there will bring negative effect. However, for what I have seen, I don't see anything bad. I don't want bring any bad things to him either.

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