Seungri’s “I Live Alone” Episode Gains Much Praise & 13% Viewership!

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Seungri in ‘I Live Alone’, A ‘Talent Millionaire’ Who Needs More Than 24 Hours… ‘No. 1 Among Friday Variety Programs’

Seungri revealed his Gatsby-like ‘talent millionaire’ aspects, who needs more than 24 hours a day. He displayed unexpected charms including his fluent foreign language skills, cross-stitching skills, and even sociability, different from what he used to show as BIGBANG’s Seungri. He also had an unexpected breast milk talk with Lee Siyoung who lives next door, making the viewers burst into laughter. The nationwide viewing rate for the part 2 section was 13% according to Nielson, and was placed at no. 1 in viewing rate among all variety programs that aired on Friday.

The 235th episode of MBC ‘I Live Alone’ (Planned by Jeon Jinsoo / Directed by Hwang Jiyoung, Im Chan) displayed Seungri’s daily life that covers everything from work, hobbies, to friendship and Jun Hyunmoo’s fan-meeting that was held in 4 years. According to the data measurement company Nielson, the viewing rate for the 235th episode of ‘I Live Alone’ was marked at 8.3% for part 1 and 12.8% for part 2 in the capital (Seoul) area. The part 2 was rated as the no. 1 among all Friday variety programs broadcasted through terrestrial networks.

Seungri is known for his glamourous lifestyle and parties, but his daily life was rather humble. He chose instant food as his breakfast, and finished his humble composed of rice and one side dish.

However, the real twist began as he started eating his meal. He surprised the members of rainbow club by showing the CEO side of him while managing his tasks through various languages including Korea, Chinese, English, and Japanese. Jun Hyunmoo and Lee Sieon showed respect for Seungri by asking him, “Can I call you older brother?”, making the viewers burst into laughter.

After finishing his meal, Seungri revealed his unusual hobby, cross-stitching. The members of rainbow club came up with a ‘Seungri decuplet’ theory since he was moving so diligently without rest, making the viewers burst into laughter. When he spotted a pink thread while he was calmly cross-stitching, he listened to a song by BLACKPINK and raised his mood.

The baby shoes Seungri was embroidering was for the woman living next door, who recently gave birth to a child. He started packaging his gift but wasn’t so good at it, unlike his outstanding cross-stitching skills, which made the viewers laugh. He gave up the packaging and tried to tie a ribbon, but also failed although he got help from his mother, revealing his unexpected sloppiness charms.

After the ups and downs, Seungri finished the packaging and prepared to go out while he chose his outfit at a room filled with suits. The members of rainbow club were in awe at Seungri’s room with clean clothes as if it was a store from a department store, and his CEO aura. He explained his passion for new fields by stating, “I want other medals now since I have a medal named BIGBANG”.

The place Seungri headed for was the neighboring house. It turned out that actress, Lee Siyoung and her husband were Seungri’s neighbors. He handed over the gift embroidered by himself, and Lee Siyoung expressed her gratitude by stating, “This is so pretty. Did you make this by yourself?”.

While the two people were having a conversation, Seungri asked for advice on Taeyang who recently got married. Lee Siyoung told a story which her husband tried to breastfeed the baby himself to make him stop crying, and even promised to give him some breast milk soap while explaining its effects. Seungri’s eyes were shaking at the continued breast milk conversation since he was single and wasn’t used to the topic, which made the whole studio burst into laughter.

After departing with Lee Siyoung, Seungri headed to the office for his restaurant business. He walked into the company in an imposing manner as if it was a scene from a drama, and displayed his CEO aura as he signed approval documents while receiving briefings from his employee. A preview of Seungri’s Gatsby lifestyle followed, making people highly anticipate the second part of Seungri’s daily life.

Furthermore, Jun Hyunmoo preparing for his fan-meeting which was held in 4 years was also displayed in the show. He started his ‘Cha-Cha-Cha’ class with Park Jiwoo, a dance sports athlete. He easily succeeded in following the basic steps of Cha-Cha-Cha, but became more like a wooden doll as more moves were added, making the viewers burst into laughter. Park Jiwoo continued the Spartan training by bringing in a posture-correcting stick, completing the class through trial and error.

After a couple days, at the date of the fan-meeting, Jun Hyunmoo started rehearsing at the location. He sat in front of the piano and played the soundtrack of ‘La La Land’, while his unusual playing style made Henry doubt his own eyes. However, he finished the rehearsal including both the piano performance and the Cha-Cha-Cha performance without any big mistakes. While Jun Hyunmoo was waiting for the fan-meeting, he was nervous since he couldn’t sense anyone at the scene. He dropped to the floor again as he saw the quiet scene through rainbow live, even though it was only 10 minutes before the performance. Therefore, people are raising curiosity on how many fans showed up on his fan-meeting, which will be covered next week.

As mentioned above, the first 5th anniversary special edition of ‘I Live Alone’ revealed Seungri’s unexpected daily life. Seungri displayed his humble businessman aspects rather than what he used to show as a member of BIGBANG. From dealing with his tasks professionally to his unexpected hobby, cross-stitching, his new and unexpected charms gave joy to the viewers watching the show.

After the broadcast, viewers responded enthusiastically by stating, “Seungri needs more than 24 hours a day”, “I couldn’t even imagine that Seungri’s hobby was cross-stitching”, “Seungri and Lee Siyoung’s breast milk conversation made me laugh so hard, it made me cry, lol”, “Jun Hyunmoo is so funny even when he’s awkward in dancing!”, “I wonder how many fans showed up in Jun Hyunmoo’s fan-meeting? I’m curious~”.

Meanwhile, ‘I Live Alone’ is a popular single life trend leader program that displays various lifestyles of single household celebrities.

Source: Spots Choseon via YG Life