“Love Only” Updates: Screening at HK Film Market, Fan Support, Q&A

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Seungri’s “Love Only” to be Screened at Hong Kong’s “International Film & TV Market”

Seungri’s “Love Only” is one of the movies that will be screened/exhibited at the 22nd Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART). Events like this allow the production company to promote the film and connect with buyers so the film gets released in different countries.

“Love Only” Fan Support

Seungri’s Chinese fansite (LeeSeungHyunBar) organized a block booking for Seungri’s movie “Love Only” Shanghay, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. They bought a total of 471 tickets and added 12 timeslots in total.

The first Chinese movie, Love Only, that Seungri has starred for is coming. This time Baidu LeeSeyngHyun Bar has blocked booking for Seungri’s movie to support him in 7 cinemas where are in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. And we bought 471 movie tickets and added 12 film schedules in total. We blocked the premiere in Shenzhen, and added many film schedules in other cities. We connected some cinemas that didn’t schedule to show this film and we do half block at some screenings. We didn’t block the seats in the middle because we want to retain these seats to other fans. The specific block booking and film schedules added are showing below. Whole Block: Shenzhen: (Premiere) Times:March 2nd 00:45 Location: Longgang, Buji Rd, Jihua Dr, Xiashuijing 4th Floor Vanguard Half Block: Shanghai (Four Times) Times: 19:00 20:50 Cinemas: Mei Ah Cineplex Location: Jiading, 3718 Baoan Rd, Fourth Floor YongRun Mall Gongzhou (Three Times) Times: March 2nd 12:10 Cinemas: China Film (Happy Valley Shopping Mall) Location: Tianhe, 36 Machang Rd, 8th Floor Happy Valley Shopping Mall Times: March 2nd 9:05 12:00 Cinemas: Galaxy Cinema (The Plaza) Location: Tianhe, 623 Tianhe Rd, 5th Floor The Plaza Nanjing (Three Times) Times: March 2nd 22:40 Cinemas: China Media International Cinema (Aolin Square) Location: Pukou, 126 Puzhu Rd West, 5th Floor Aolin Square Times: March 2nd 11:40 13:25 Cinemas: JINYI Cinemas Location: Pukou, 1 Binjiang Ave, Mingfa Binjiang New Town Buiding 249 3th Floor Chengdu (One Times) Times: March 2nd 11:45 Cinemas: Pacific Cineplex (Longquan Shop) Locations: Longquanyi, Jinglong Rd, 5th Floor Fuquan Center 501 All film schedules can be found on the ticketing APPs, fans can buy tickets to support he. Some cinemas sold the seats in best viewing areas to us, so everyone who bought tickets and do not satisfy to their seats can move to the middle directly #승리 #seungri #loveonly @seungriseyo @loveonly3609 #宇宙有爱浪漫同游

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Another subbed interview of Seungri for “Love Only”

If the videos/text come out blurry, here’s the transcript:

In this interview, there’s a keyword that Seungri is not allowed to say and that’s ‘romantic’. If he does, the ‘bomb’ will explode and there will be some punishments…

Q. Your role in the movie is very romantic. What are the similarities you have with him?
Seungri: He’s very romantic..

Quick Q&A Time
1. A word to describe the movie?
Seungri: Universe

2. A word to describe your role in movie?
Seungri: Honest

3. Singer vs actor – which identity do you like more?
Seungri: I LIKE MY MOM

4. A song that you must sing at KTV?
Seungri: Give me another 2 mins… (lyrics from Jay Chou song)

5. Area of your body that you’re most satisfied with?
Seungri: Butt.

6. 3 things that your ideal type must have
Seungri: Love me, Love me more, Love me very much.

7. What girls do to make your heart flutter?
Seungri: Sexy dance.

8. Pose that you like to do when you take pix:

9. Which one are you unable to accept – 5cm shorter or 5kg heavier?
Seungri: Getting fat.

10. What’s something that can make a Sagittarius angry?
Seungri: I don’t get angry…but I will get angry if my manager doesn’t give me food, I get angry when I’m hungry. I like eating what I like but I’m on a diet right now.

Caption: ARE YOU SURE?

11. Which nickname do you like fans to call you with the most?
Seungri: Panda. Seungri Panda. Little fatty.

Translated by @mystifize
Credits: @seungbutt_, baidu_leeseunghyunbar, GottaTalk2V1212