JoongAng Daily: Pop stars take control of their sound

Posted March 19, 2018 by

Pop stars take control of their sound
Teaching their artists how to produce music has paid off for agencies

Excerpts mentioning BIGBANG:

“Based on the career paths of many of their groups, YG, one of the nation’s biggest entertainment agencies, seems to be continuing its tradition of giving their singers the skills to be their own producers, creating what have come to be known as producer-dols – a portmanteau of producer and idol, what pop stars are commonly called in Korea. ”

“As most of the members of BIGBANG, who have played a major role in raising the agency’s profile, recently entered the military, YG has turned its focus to firmly establishing Winner and iKON’s standing in the music industry and ensuring their success.

These so-called post-BIGBANG groups are following in the footsteps of one of the most successful male acts in Korean music history. In July 2007, BIGBANG dominated the Melon charts for six consecutive weeks with its song “Lies.”

Just months later, in November of the same year, the group broke its own record with “Last Farewell” off of the album “Hot Issue,” topping the charts for eight weeks. This led them to secure their spot as one of the most successful bands in K-pop history.

Unlike selling albums, topping the streaming music charts requires seizing the attention of listeners outside of a group’s diehard fans. This makes it difficult for a single band to dominate music charts for more than a few days.”

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