G-Dragon’s Possible Future Public Appearances While in the Army

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Translation of a fan’s post on DCBB:

First and foremost, G-Dragon’s health is the most important, but as a fan, it’s nice to get tidbits about him from the army from time to time. Here’s a summary of what we can expect:

1. Boot Camp Photos
White Skull has a cafe/website where they post photos from training, but normally, the photos can only be viewed by family or close friends of the trainees. It’s unknown whether batch 983 (which G-Dragon belongs to) has already started proper training, so the photos may not come out anytime soon or they may be posted by end of next week. You can probably see the photos if you have a close friend in the division, but please don’t be that fan who joins the cafe and pretend to be an acquaintance and beg for access.

2. Boot Camp Completion Ceremony
Batch 983’s completion ceremony is expected to be in April (around April 5), but it may change depending on the division’s decision/situation. Friends and relatives of trainees will attend so we can expect to see him in photos and videos. That video where the instructors were singing a BIGBANG song is from the completion ceremony.

3. White Skull Concert
They hold this in autumn, around end of September or start of October, for locals in the area. It’s open to the public and filming is allowed judging from photos of past concerts, but this is not officially confirmed. Maybe we will get to see him perform like a mini-concert.

4. Ground Forces Festival
This event is organized by the army headquarters and it’s usually around the middle or end of October. It’s open to the public and we can expect G-Dragon to be a huge part of it. It’s usually held in Gyeryong. This is an army headquarters event, so we’ll probably see Taeyang and Daesung (if he enlists before the date) as well. The schedule hasn’t been announced, but here’s the official website: armyfest.or.kr

5. Official Army Magazine
It’s possible that there will be a feature about G-Dragon in here in the future. It’s available to view here »

6. Cheorwon County & White Skull Joint Festivals

a. Cheorwon Hwagang Marsh Snail Festival + White Skull One Heart Festival
This is held every summer and it’s scheduled on August 5-8 this year. Last year, the actors who are part of the “White Skull” division participated in the festival.

b. Cheorwon Taebong Festival
This isn’t as huge as the snail festival, but the military also participates in it.

Site: cwgfestival.com