G-Dragon @ Boot Camp & Autographs for Co-Trainees

Posted March 11, 2018 by

On March 11, a photo of G-Dragon at the military training center was posted on an online community. In the photo, G-Dragon is seen doing a heart sign and smiling brightly with his fellow soldier trainees.

G-Dragon entered the “White Skull” 3rd Infantry Division’s boot camp on February 27. G-Dragon is expected to be discharged from mandatory duty in November 2019.

Source: Ilgan Sports, @figfling (photo)

G-Dragon signed some autographs on the boxes (with the clothes they wore during admission inside) that his co-trainees sent home. Here are a couple that have been shared by those trainees’ relatives:

“Recruit No. 121. Fellow soldier *trainee’s name* is getting along well with his co-trainees and is healthy! Please trust and and wait for your son! You’ll see him soon! Happy new year and (to the) parents, I hope you be healthy!” (Note by the trainee to his sister: Ya, this is written by GD hyung.)

“To the parents, your son is adapting well with his co-trainees and is doing well, so please don’t worry! Happy new year and I pray you be in good health!”

Sources: Via @Always GD