Daesung Assigned to “Eekija” 27th Infantry Division’s Boot Camp

Posted March 8, 2018 by

Daesung has been assigned to the 27th Infantry’s Division’s boot camp (Eekija “Let’s Win” Reconnaissance Unit) located in Hwacheon country, Gangwon province. He will undergo basic military training there beginning on March 13, after which he will be given a more specific role.

This division is notorious for its intensive training and its mountainous location. Variety show “Real Men” filmed at the 27th division in 2013 when actor Yoo Seunghyo was doing his mandatory service.

Daesung’s expected discharge date is December 12, 2019.

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“The 27th Infantry Division, known commonly as the Eekija (Let’s Win) Reconnaissance Unit, is a unit responsible for reconnaissances along the east portion of the Military Demarcation Line near the region of Hwacheon. Formed in 1953, they were the first ever unit that was given a name that was an actual Korean word, being called the “Eekija” unit. The colors on the official mark are red and white with the red symbolizing victory and white symbolizing indomitable spirit.” (Soompi)

Eekija Boot Camp Documentary (Government-produced):

This documentary shows everything from their daily routine, training, up to their completion ceremony.