YG: G-Dragon and Taeyang currently waiting notice for active duty

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YG Entertainment released a statement today February 6th that G-Dragon and Taeyang are currently waiting for their draft notice for active duty*.

Korean media outlet Dispatch released an article earlier with the title “GD has a Master’s in Distribution Industry… Kwon Jiyong’s trick to postpone army enlistment” claiming that G-Dragon has a master’s degree from Sejong University and possibly an application for PhD, which enabled him to postpone enlistment**.

An official from Sejong University confirmed with MyDaily that G-Dragon indeed earned a master’s degree.

Taeyang, who is also enlisting soon, recently tied the knot with actress Min Hyorin on February 3.

Source: MyDaily

*For those not familiar with the terms:

There are two tiers of service:
Active Duty = serving as a soldier/marine/pilot in the armed services, ranges from 21 to 24 months.
Non-active Duty/Public Service = working as a government clerk, ranges from 24 months to 36 months.

Exemptions for active duty include:
Certain medical conditions, depending on the severity, either exempts one from service or allows civil service instead. This includes those who have donated organs. Graduates from special high schools may work at selected workplaces for 3 years instead. Those with a masters degree in engineering may work at research institutes or pass a test and do a PhD for 3 years instead.

Source: Via Legend @OneHallyu

**Korean celebs postponing military service isn’t unusual. Korea Herald reported last year that 7 out of 10 male celebrities do so to have time to establish themselves in the entertainment industry.