Soompi: 15 Moments That Made Us Stan These Male Solo Artists Even More

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This is an article put out by Soompi for their yearly “Soompi Awards”. We thought it would be nice to share and post. Parts are omitted below. For the full article, click here or in the sourcing.

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From producing to composing to mentoring to going on variety shows, these male solo artists do it all. They’ve got stories about families to share, scores on variety programs to maintain, and so much more! These male artists always find new ways to get our attention.

1. Zico
2. Hwang Chi Yeol
3. PSY

4. G-Dragon

Where do we start with this one? The King of K-pop shook the world again by releasing a new solo album, baring his soul to the world, and of course, trying new things to engage fans, such as the clever idea of using a USB instead of a CD, a new and unique idea.

5. Zion.T
6. Crush

7. Taeyang

Taeyang has grown immensely from his debut as an artist, and also as a man! He has gone from saying that he was scared of girls,

to singing about needing a girl,

to finally marrying the love his life! This is the kind of growth we love seeing!

8. Dean
9. K.Will
10. Roy Kim
11. Jung Yong Hwa
12. Baekhyun
13. Bobby
14. Taemin
15. ONE

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Source: Soompi