SNSD Stylist Mentions BIGBANG’s Influence on K-Pop Fashion in an Interview

Posted February 9, 2018 by

This article is from October 2017, but I don’t think we ever posted/shared it. Found it again via this article on Racked about K-pop idols and fan gifts.

Girls’ Generation’s stylist caps K-pop fashion industry over years

Stylist Seo Soo-kyung talks about her career and the structural problems in the K-pop fashion business

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Having been involved in the industry for almost 15 years, Seo has witnessed how K-pop fashion has transformed over the years. Crediting BIGBANG for K-pop fashion’s ongoing worldwide fame, Seo said the boy band was among the pioneers to feature a more down-to-earth approach to fashion. The group’s wardrobe was as realistic and hip as street fashion in Harajuku — and easily accessible to the public as well.

“Before BIGBANG, K-pop artists’ costumes were literally costumes. Stylists’ job was to kind of copy the lines of famous designers and recreate them into stage outfits. But BIGBANG members were different in that they actually wore outfits freshly out from a designer’s collection. The public could also dress like BIGBANG. From that point on, K-pop stars like 2NE1 and BTS started to wear collections,” Seo said.

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