Seungri Talks About His Businesses, Solo Album Preps & EDM with Below Korea (Interview)

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The youngest member of Korea’s representative group BIGBANG, singer Seungri, is also the CEO of a DJ label and is taking the entrepreneurial path with his club and restaurant businesses. BELOW KOREA met with Seungri ahead of the opening of his new club “Burning Sun” and his new EDM project.

Q: Nice to meet you. We’re curious how BIGBANG’s Seungri is doing these days.

SEUNGRI: Thankfully, I’ve been busy. I’m currently preparing for a solo album as instructed by President Yang Hyunsuk.

Q: When did your interest in EDM start?

SEUNGRI: It started with listening to Tiesto’s Traffic, which G-Dragon recommended to me, around that time when we were promoting “Lies”.

Q. You also DJ yourself in addition to managing a DJ label and clubs. It seems like you saw a business potential in EDM other than just it being a type of music. How did it happen?

SEUNGRI: What’s good about this industry is that the businesses are all done late in the evening until early morning, so my main work doesn’t get affected. It also doesn’t cost as much initially to manage DJs compared to singers. There’s no need to train them how to dance or for special outfits and makeup. You can start promoting with just a USB.

Q. For those who are not familiar, what kind of label is NHR (Natural High Records)?

SEUNGRI: NHR was established in 2016 as a place to bring together local, hidden talents including DJs and producers. It manages Glory, TPA, Sam&Sp3ck, Ferry, Milky, Danu, Ruppy, and more.

Q. What factors do you look for when choosing which DJs to represent? (The looks/appearance of NHR DJs definitely stand out. *Laughs*)

SEUNGRI: Of course, appearance is important to an extent, but as an owner, what’s important is that they understand and follow what I say. The skill comes after. I don’t see any reason to invest my time in artists who don’t listen to me.

Q. From being a YG singer to now managing your own label, do you understand Yang Hyunsuk better now?

SEUNGRI: Firstly, it’s not easy for employees including artists to have the same mindset as me/their bosses. As a boss, I have to take the initiative and set an example so they can start following me. This way I was able to get a feel of President Yang Hyunsuk’s efforts and hard work, which made me respect and admire him more.

Q. You manage “Monkey Museum” in Cheongdam and also have various businesses nearby. YG put down his roots in Hongdae. Are you trying to do the same in Cheongdam? (Laugh)

SEUNGRI: Unlike President Yang Hyunsuk, I don’t possess that type of (business) sense in real estate. However, when it comes to fields that cater to providing entertainment to people, I have the confidence that I’ll do it better than anyone else. So I’m open to anything that fits my personality.

Q. I heard you’re opening a new club called “Burning Sun”. What kind of club is it? Please introduce it.

SEUNGRI: “Burning Sun” is the next project from the “Monkey Museum” team who has been with me for a long time. It’s meant for my team who wanted a slightly bigger place. I put the teams that I work with as a top priority. Whether the business is good or not comes next. It was prepared with the idea that it will be a place where my team can showcase their skills. As mentioned earlier, this is what I’m good at and I have confidence in.

Q. Who will be the resident DJs at “Burning Sun”? And what were the reasons for choosing these DJs?

SEUNGRI: The resident DJs will mainly be DJs under NHR and another label called DCTOM, and there are plans to bring in foreign DJs and and also performances by local artists. We’re planning a lot of stuff. Now that the public is tuning in to Hallyu more, I want local artists to have spots to perform at “Burning Sun”.

Q. Managing a club isn’t an easy task. Did you pick up any know-hows while running “Monkey Museum”? What are Seungri’s personal know-hows on running a club?

SEUNGRI: I don’t know everything about business and there’s a lot that I don’t know, but I know people well. I don’t have the exact know-how on operating a club. What I do is recruit and match the best people in their respective fields.

Q. Do you have plans to do solo activities as an EDM artist?

SEUNGRI: The solo album I’m preparing right now will be mostly dance music, and I’m actually preparing to collaborate with foreign star DJs.

Q. What are your top 3 songs for an EDM playlist?

SEUNGRI: Major Lazer & Showtek – Believer, Yellow Claw – Both Of Us ft. STORi, and Bob Sinclar feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor & Gilbere Forte – F**k With You.

Q: What is EDM to you?

SEUNGRI: Energy. I don’t really listen to sad songs. I usually listen to energy-filled songs that recharge me.

Q: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to BELOW readers?

SEUNGRI: I’m greeting you now only in writing, but I hope to show my face and greet you properly next time. I hope you show a lot of interest to “Burning Sun” by our “Monkey Museum” team.

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Source: Below KR
Translated by bigbangupdates
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