Seungri impresses with fluent Chinese skills at Love Only’s press conference in Hong Kong

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Seungri kicked of the promotions of his new film “Love Only” with a press conference in Hong Kong.

At the press conference, Seungri gave his co-star Bea Hayden (aka Guo Biting) flowers while stating “I, Seungri, will do everything I can with Bea Hayden for the movie. I declare that I will spread the feelings of love between two individuals to the world and to the universe.” (Note: The literal translation of the movie’s title is “Love in Universe”.)

Seungri impressed the local media as he did the interviews in Chinese, mostly without an interpreter and only got a little help for intonation and vocabulary. He shared “I started learning foreign languages 7-8 years ago and I try not to use an interpreter as much as possible. I always ask when I don’t know what something means, and that’s how I got fluent.”

He added “Bea is my teacher, she gave me a lot of good advice.”

It was also highlighted that Seungri’s voice wasn’t dubbed over in the movie, which is usually done when Korean celebrities star in Chinese films. Seungri said “I don’t like having my lines dubbed over. I want fans to listen to my real voice, which is why I wanted to do all my lines in Chinese.”

Seungri revealed that his character is a lot like himself in real life. He plays the lead role of Yunsheng/Winston, a marketing director who grew up in Europe and puts love on top of everything else. He said “Korea, China, and Japan are close to each other (in distance) and have similar cultures so I identified well (with the character). These three countries collaborate on a lot of music and movies together, which is why I challenged myself to learn Chinese.”

Seungri was also asked when he plans to get married as his fellow BIGBANG member Taeyang recently tied the knot with actress Min Hyorin. He said “I’m very shy. I only dare to talk to girls when I am drunk. I like hard-working girls. I will let everybody know if I plan to get married in future.”

“Love Only” was filmed two years ago and will hit Chinese theaters on March 2. It will also premiere in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam later.

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