Miscellaneous BIGBANG Updates

Posted February 17, 2018 by

Another photo of T.O.P during the opening of Yongsan Craft Museum (180208)

Source: Yongsan KR via @TOPs_Fools

Another photo of G-Dragon with design Youngsong Martin @ Taeyang & Min Hyorin’s wedding (180203):

Taeyang with BlackPink cut from White Night in Japan DVD:

G-Dragon mentioned on BlackPink’s reality show “BlackPink House”:

Bang Bang Bang played during the Gran Parada de Comparsas in Colombia:

Bang Bang Bang used at Cathay Pacific’s New Year Night parade:

IU mentioned G-Dragon in her award speech at the Gaon Chart Music Awards (starts at 1:12) [SUBBED]

G-Dragon mentioned on Knowing Brothers. They came up with and idea of a “Year of the Dragon Special” inviting celebrities born in the year of the dragon and G-Dragon’s name came up.

Taeyang mentioned on I Live Alone. Athlete Kim Yeon-koung, who sometimes appears on the show, asked her teammates if they watch it. They said they’ve seen Taeyang’s episode.

Bonus old video: The Benefits of Broccoli by BIGBANG