G-Dragon, T.O.P & Other Guests Arriving @ Taeyang & Min Hyorin’s Wedding & Afterparty

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G-Dragon and T.O.P arriving at the afterparty:

G-Dragon’s parents and T.O.P’s mom arriving at the church:

Seungri’s parents:

Celebs who attended the church wedding:

Epik High’s Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz – YG artist
Winner’s Mino, Seunghyoon, Seungyoon – YG artists
Black Pink’s Lisa, Jennie, Rose, Jisoo – YG artists
Se7en – ex-YG artist
Zion T – YG artist
Dara – YG artist
CL – YG artist
Lee Hi – YG artist
1TYM’s Baekyoung – ex-YG artist
Jinu – YG artist/director
Sean – YG artist/director
Ki Taeyong – wedding officiator/actor
Eugene – actress
Rohui – Eugene’s daughter/Superman Returns
Kang Hyejung – actress/Tablo’s wife
Haru – Tablo’s daughter
Jung Hyeyoung – actress/Sean’s wife
Lee Sieon – actor/I Live Alone cast member
Song Oksook – actress
Kim Yewon – actress
Kim Bomi – actress/Sunny cast member
Lee Jiah – actress
Kang Sora – actress/Sunny cast member
Ra Miran – actress
Yoo Byungjae – YG comedian
Cha Taehyun – actor
B1A4’s Jinyoung – singer
Hong Jinkyeong – actress/Unnies cast member
Chun Woohee – actress/Sunny cast member

Celebs at the afterparty:

Guests from the church wedding +++
AKMU’s Lee Suhyun – YG artist
Nam Bora – actress/Sunny cast member
Kim Minyoung – actress/Sunny cast member
Park Jinju – actress/Sunny cast member