T.O.P Resumes Military Service as Public Service Worker

Posted January 26, 2018 by

T.O.P started his first day as a public service worker today January 26th.

According to YG Entertainment and the Yongsan District Office, T.O.P reported to work at the district office today at 9am. After meeting with the official from the Disaster and Safety Management Office in charge of public service workers, it was decided that he will be working at the Yongsan Craft Center/Craft Museum in Hannam.

Yongsan Craft Center is a cultural complex where senior citizens create and sell crafts and also houses a workshop studio for the youth. The construction has been recently completed and they are preparing to open on June 8th (Note: Another article says next month). T.O.P will reportedly be working with the craft center’s administrative support team.

T.O.P showed up at the Yongsan District Office with his face covered with a beanie and mask and used the emergency staircase to avoid the swarm of reporters. After his post was decided, he went to the Yongsan Craft Center this morning.

T.O.P has 520 days remaining in his military service and will be officially discharged some time in June 2019.

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