Seungri Gives BlackPink Advice for Their New Reality Show

Posted January 5, 2018 by

• On their first day of moving dorms, BLACKPINK decided to make macaroons and hand them to their neighbours in Hongdae. One of the places they went to give them their macaroons was Seungri’s ramen shop. Seungri wasn’t there, so Seungri video called BLACKPINK and welcomed them.

• As soon as the call started Seungri shouted: BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA! Also as it’s their first time trying at a reality program he advised them to ‘Just talk lots, no matter what.’ Seungri acted as a kind oppa from the neighbourhood who gave warm encouragements and laughs.

The first episode of BLACKPINK’s reality show “BlackPink House” airs tomorrow.

Source: Naver
Translation: @blackpinkau