Seungri Celebrates Birthday by Volunteering and Donating 100 Million Won for Children

Posted December 12, 2017 by

Seungri donated 100 million won to children who are suffering from the end of the year’s freezing temperature.

On the 12th, Aori F&B, managed by Seungri, donated 100 million to children from low-income families through global children welfare agency Child Fund Korea.

On the same day, 30 employees of Aori F&B and 20 employees of E-Mart volunteered and delivered coal briquettes through the “Love Briquette Movement”.

Aori F&B is a Japanese restaurant franchise specializing in Tokyo ramen founded by Seungri last year. After opening its first store in Cheongdam, it has continued expanding by opening in Shanghai, China and in more countries.

A total of 130 million was given to Child Fund Korea including the donation from Aori F&B and an additional 30 million won from E-Mart, who has been working with the agency. Through the donation, Child Fund Korea will be helping less fortunate children have a warm winter by providing rice, ramen, winter clothes, and more. A part of the donation will also be sent to the Seoul Briquette Bank for families in need of heating.

Seungri shared, “Since celebrating Aori Ramen’s 1st anniversary, we wanted to give back the love we received by helping children and neighbors in need using proceeds from the ramen business,” and committed to continue donating more in the future.

Source: Osen via Naver
Translated by Vic @ bigbangupdates