Living Like the Sun: Taeyang’s Interview with GQ Korea (Translation)

Posted December 5, 2017 by

It is not living in pajamas in a big, neat house with a garden like in “I Live Alone” but living in the midst of music with the recklessness of the word “Passion.”
Pastel orange jacket Martin Rose by 10 Corsco Como. Tshirts, Nike. The necklace is of a stylist.

GQ : I’ve read all of TAEYANG’s [past] interviews with GQ. I noticed that you spoke about your future plans in most them. You said you would fall in love, would do a world tour, and would release a song with just vocals. You accomplished all of them.
T : Right? haha. I was a bit surprised when you mentioned that. I said those things at that time…

What is left (to accomplish) now?
Considering my music, I finally reached the conclusion that the music which reflects my life can make others relate more (to the music) and my sincerity. The more I do music, the more I feel – I am not sure if it’s right expression – I think my life is the priority. I feel I can do more authentic music when I feel and learn and become inspired by various circumstances of my life. I do not know if it is right for musicians, but I want to be a very mature person. I feel my life is reflected in everything I express.

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