Daesung Interview on InterFM897 Radio w/ Translation (171222) [AUDIO]

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The host is Masayuki Furuya, BIGBANG’s regular MC in Japan and MC at Daesung’s release events

MC: Today’s guest is D-LITE-san! Good evening!
DS: Good evening! This is D-LITE!
MC: The two of us are traveling through Japan for release events of your new album Delight 2 and today we are in Osaka. How do you feel about your release events?
DS: Ah… they’re so much fun. Of course (laugh) 3 times a day is a bit tough
MC: (laugh)
DS: But I’m enjoying them so much that it’s totally worth it. I’m spending a very fun time.
MC: These events are to commemorate the release of your new album Delight 2 on December 20. A few songs of this album had been released digitally, I believe?
DS: Right. Originally we planned to release these songs as a digital single only, but thanks to my fans it turned into a mini album.
MC: This project follows your highly successful Delight album [released in 2014 with a similar concept]. Was this 2nd concept project decided at an early stage already?
DS: You mean Delight 2? Actually… I received the offer for this project during my tour D’na SHOW, which is when I started to work on it. To be honest, there were no schedules for this year at all.
MC: (laugh)
DS: Honestly. My album D-DAY and the following Dome tour were my only schedule for this year. Everything that came after up until today is completely thanks to the support of my fans.
MC: I see! But truly, you released D-DAY this year, a masterpiece, and then your tour… it was a very busy year for you in the end.
DS: That’s true. I was so active in Japan that you could almost say that I lived the whole year here (laugh) but it was a truly blissful year, a very valuable year.
MC: With D-DAY you expressed yourself as an artist. But in your D’na SHOW tour that started in Maihama Amphitheatre on August 12, I think your gift for talking/MCing really came through.
DS: Ah (shy laugh) I’m happy that you’d say so. Well, half of the shows were a talk part… it was my forst time to hold a talk & live performance show, I haven’t even done it in Korean so starting off in Japanese made me feel uneasy and I felt pressured in the beginning. But as the tour progressed, the teamwork with my fans was really good and this tour turned out to really, honestly be so much fun!
MC: You held 39 events in 3 months!
DS: That’s right. It was a quite tight schedule (laugh) but this tour made me grow in many ways, I learned a lot, including (how to maintain) my stamina.
MC: And the final of this tour is in Hawaii.
DS: It is, I’ll hold my final events in Hawaii on January 6 and 7. I believe that will be my last official schedule. I hope I can make good memories with my fans until the end.
MC: D’na SHOW in Hawaii! Of course there’s a common concept between the past shows, but there must be something specific to Hawaii in the show?
DS: Eh… if you put that sort of pressure on me… (laugh) I guess I have no choice but to adapt the contents. So I wish this could be cut from the radio show (laugh) anyway! Since we go all the way to Hawaii!
MC: That’s right!
DS: It’s good to do something Hawaiian. I want to gift my fans who came so far to see me with special memories.
MC: So nice (sigh) I really want to go! But I can’t.
DS: Of course you can. As long as you have the money, you can always go.
MC: (laugh) right, it’s a question of money! I apologize!
DS: No need to. Just pay (laugh)
MC: (laugh) so scary!! At this timing, I’d like to play one of your new songs. Your last album D-DAY included the song VENUS that was a collabroation with Mizuno-san from Ikimono Gakari. You collaborated with Mizuno-san again in this new album, Delight 2.
DS: I did. I’m really happy that we could work together again, it was a lot of fun. So… can I introduce the song?
MC: Yes please!
DS: Please listen! A ze cho!
(song plays)
MC: BIGBANG is holding the final concert of LAST DANCE tour this weekend in Osaka. Tomorrow there’s a fan event as well. At the fan event [in Tokyo] there was a corner where you looked back at your debut days. What did you feel watching those videos?
DS: Ah… I was really embarrassed and wanted to run away (laugh) really, we changed so much. How to put it… my voice changed too. Well, some members haven’t changed much at all as well. For example TOP’s…
MC: TOP’s way of moving hasn’t changed at all, true!
DS: Right. But it was nostalgic and made me realize how hard we have worked. So that corner made my heart feel at peace. But I never want to do it again!
MC: (laugh) I wonder how the remaining shows in Osaka will be. This is your 5th consecutive Dome tour, the first overseas artist to achieve this record. BIGBANG has made a lot of history in Japan. Did your Japan activities come to hold a special meaning for you after all?
DS: Of course. Not just as BIGBANG, but also for me personally. My activities in Japan have made me feel more confident about myself, and made me enjoy myself more on stage, enjoy that atmosphere more. I think my fans who supported me all this time and enabled me to become the person I am now, I can’t remember – ah that’s not what I wanted to say!! I won’t forget!! (laugh) I was- I just- I was just thinking “I can’t remember the right word” so I ended up saying “I can’t remember” (laugh) it just comes out like that! I’m sorry! (laugh) It was full of unforgettable moments! I’m sorry, everyone! I’ll work harder on my Japanese to not get lost like this!
MC: (laugh) but it was funny! I got a bit shocked though (laugh)
DS: (laugh) I just realized how loud my head is [to say what he was thinking at the moment even though unrelated to what he really wanted to say]
MC: But this was really characteristic for you, I love it!
DS: (still laughing)
MC: Come to think of it, I have been working with you for 10 years by now!
DS: Ah, you’re right! Wow, time really flies.
MC: It does!
DS: We (BIGBANG) are really willful on stage, we’re very free/careless. So, I’m very thankful that you keep this freedom and somehow alwqys manage to wrap it up nicely. Thank you!
MC: (laugh) Me too, thank you so much. I’m glad to be able to work with world stars of your level. So, should I keep my schedule free and wait for you? Is it okay?
DS: For when?
MC: Uh, I mean when the time comes!
DS: Sure, do whatever you like~ (laugh)
MC: (laugh) I see! Thank you for discussing many topics today. Actually on December 26, we will hold your last release events in Saitama.
DS: That’s right.
MC: And that’s your last schedule of the year.
DS: Oh! You’re right. In Japan, that is.
MC: The last time you’ll be on stage in Japan.
DS: It is. The actual last time will be in Korea on December 30 and 31, our tour final.
MC: Please come to see D-LITE in Omiya on December 26. It seems you can purchase tickets at the venue. We’ll be waiting for you.
DS: We’ll be waiting!
MC: So at the end, please say a message to our listeners.
DS: Everyone, thank you so much for always spending a fun time and making fun memories with me. I really think that it’s thanks to you that I have come safely until this point today. I will work harder, BIGBANG will work harder to bring you joy. Please keep supporting us!
MC: Well then… I’ll wait, for now.
DS: Right. I’ll give you a call, anyways.
MC: (laugh) ok! I’ll be waiting. At the end, I’d like to play one more of your new songs. You say at your release events that this song holds your feelings for your fans. Could you please introduce the song?
DS: Right, this song “Soba ni ite yo” is a message to my fans, reflecting on my solo activities until now and holding my feelings of gratefulness. A message that fits the current timing well. Please listen: Soba ni ite yo.
MC: Thank you so much!
DS: Thank you~!

Translated by @mshinju
Audio by @kangdotjpn
Photo: @interfm897