BIGBANG’s Last Dance 2017 Dome Tour in Osaka #7 (171224) [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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The concert just ended. Here are some initial updates. We’ll post more photos and videos later. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!💖

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Message displayed after the concert ended:

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* * *

▶ BIGBANG says they’re so happy and thankful that many VIPs came even though it’s Christmas eve later.

▶ Taeyang mentioned TOP and told fans to wait for the 5 of them.

▶ G-Dragon said he really missed his members when they were so busy with their solo activities.
Taeyang: As Jiyong said it was kinda lonely during solo concert.
G-Dragon: Yeah I was lonely.
Taeyang: Daesung, you were lonely too right?
Daesung: Uhm, I was lonely (but he was kinda not listening)
VIP: Laughs (could not believe)
Daesung: Why? I was lonely too.
Seungri: G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung had their solo concerts right? So I went to the company and ask, can I voluntarily go as their guests? (He said it in a funny way.)

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* * *

G-Dragon: Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?? There’s nobody here? There is?
Again G-Dragon commented about the song Untitled, 2014 and asked “You know, right?”
G-Dragon: And today is the recording of the DVD, right?
G-Dragon finalized his performance saying “Yatta!!!” (I got it)

Daesung: Hello? Hello? Moshi moshi? There’s nobody here? I saw G-Dragon doing this and looked so cool and professional, so so I thought I might try. What did you think?

Daesung explained the meaning of A-ZE-CHO (Anata | Zenbu | Chodai) Give Me Your Everything, and said there is a choreography for everyone. While teaching the choreography he said to move as if we had a tail, but he ended by saying “Move like a fish.”

▶ They imitated each other and again Daesung said he wanted to touch Seungri’s butt so Seungri scream “DON’T TOUCH!

Daesung: How was the name of those two? G-Dragon? (Referring to GDYB)
Seungri: Dragon Ball, the blonde of Dragon Ball.

▶ Daesung started joking with Seungri as usual and Seungri said “Don’t say things like this today is the recording of the DVD.

Seungri: MANJIIIII!!! *Manji is a Japanese slang for something really cool or awesome
Taeyang also started Good Boy saying “MANJIIII”

▶ Daesung said he didn’t want the show to end because he’s feeling sad about it and also expressed his gratefulness for it. He also said that it was a really busy year and thanks to the fans that he was able to do so many events in Japan and thanked again. He talked about his January concerts in Hawaii and also said this will be his last solo schedule.

▶ Taeyang said it was a very busy year and because of the feeling of wanting to see the fans they were able to work hard. He also said that it is very sad that we will not be able to see them but they, including TOP, will return.

▶ G-Dragon said that not being able to see the members and/or fans was making him sad, since they were all very busy. Being able to be there with them was a relief. Again he said their love will not change and ended by saying “thank you so much, really.”

▶ When G-Dragon was commenting about spring and hot days (a metaphor about the return of the group), Taeyang started singing “Blue”, which have a part that speaks about spring.

▶ Again Taeyang asked if Seungri will wait for them and Seungri said “Again this? Are you really going to do this until the end?”

▶ “In Japan, we started with a venue for about 500 people but now we can even do a dome tour. Since 2012, have been 87 times doing dome concerts thanks to the fans.”

▶ Seungri even talked about staffs and ended by saying he loved everyone. Taeyang joked that he rarely says such things and asked why. Seungri replied that it’s shameful. He was saying it’s a romantic time since it was Christmas. Taeyang interrupted him saying he’s cute today. *In Japan, Christmas is a commemorative date considered suitable for couples.

Taeyang: Our Santa Claus, D-LITE!
Taeyang: The cutest Seungri!
Taeyang: The leader of the group until now and forever G-Dragon!
Taeyang: The person we miss the most, TOP!

▶ Seungri started say something about the long break so Taeyang and Daesung started said “Don’t cry!!!”, and Seungri answered “I’m not going to cry”
Seungri: Although TOP isn’t here, really… BIGBANG is 5″
He finished by saying how grateful they were for our love and promised that the 5 will return to that same stage.


* * *

Seungri: During this tour I really felt that BIGBANG is five people. We’re five! I really love Japan. Thank you for loving a plain/humble guy like me. We’re humans so there were times when we worried you and caused you trouble, but we’ll try never to worry you again. Thank you for loving us.

▶ While there was some usual teasing, hyungs really let him talk today and express all of his gratitude and thank the fans. They left the most emotional thank-you speeches to him and the fans laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more.

▶ G-Dragon to Seungri: I know you work very hard/do your best. If you have a solo world tour, I want to be a special guest. Not just me, but all of us *gestures to Taeyang and Daesung*

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* * *

▶ After Daesung showed his chest and it’s apparently Seungri’s turn.
Seungri: The fans in front of me are making 🙅🏻 (no) gestures right now… You don’t have to go that far!!
Taeyang: But actually it’s better that way, they might get sick. Because he has a lot of hair there.
Taeyang: In fact, I felt really weak for a while after seeing his chest. It’s like a sickness. A virus.
Seungri: Okay, next!

MC – Make Up A Song Corner

Seungri had to make up a song starting with the syllable ‘Ri’. Before he started, Taeyang told him to relax because it was DVD day and they could cut the wrong parts. (Seungri: Aren’t I blessed they are nice enough to give me several chances?)

He sang about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, I think he even used the melody, and the lyrics were something like ‘All the people from Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo come here and we celebrate’.

Seungri seemed satisfied so he didn’t want another chance. Taeyang kept asking if he was really alright.

Seungri: Please remember this will be on DVD…!
– White Lights, Taeyang sings ‘Let it go’
Seungri: You can’t use this for the DVD.
Daesung: Disney is scary yo!

The second time, Taeyang sang a song in English.
Seungri: What’s this?
Taeyang: Boyz II Men
Seungri: Can’t be used on DVD, anyways, next!

For red, they commented that it looked very strong and then someone mentioned TVXQ, so Daesung sang ‘Rising Sun’. Seungri: In Korea they are in a different agency, but in Japan we are both in Avex, so we will be alright!

Taeyang: When Seungri came to my solo concert and sang ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, his voice was really amazing!

▶ Final MC: Seungri said ‘I love you!’ for the first time in a long time.
Seungri: Actually, I don’t have that much experience with romantic relationships so I am not used to saying that. It’s awkward…
Taeyang: Wait, but every time you have your cellphone, you send voice messages like ‘I love you!’ (Japanese) via LINE. And then you ‘I love you!’ (Chinese) on WeChat.
Seungri: Stop it, my fans are gonna give me letters again like ‘Seungri!!! What is going on!!!!’

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* * *

▶ Fans singing My Heaven:

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▶ The members came out for the encore in Santa suits:

可愛い 🎅 #bigbang

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The members all have a bag full of tour merchandise that they throw to fans. Today because it’s Christmas eve, it was a Santa bag that was tied close. All four members had trouble opening it. They struggled so much!

(More Santa photos below.)

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YGEX gave fans bracelets with lights that sync with the music and also formed “BIGBANG” and other words during the concert:

❤️ 대단하다 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 #bigbang

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Krunk Bears dancing:

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