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There are birthday greetings and wishes from different T.O.P fan groups. Those you can see through our retweets on Twitter. Please keep in mind, that after everything that has happened this year, some may be choosing to keep their wishes and congratulations private and sent to him personally/privately rather than publicly. Due to some of the backlash T.O.P faced after the scandal earlier this year, some feel it may be better not to bring extra attention to him until he is discharged from the military and feeling better medically/emotionally.

From art seller/enthusiast Matt Carey-Williams:

In October last year #sothebys #hongkong held an #auction of #contemporaryart that was curated by the #musician and #art collector, #choiseunghyun, better known as #top from the #kpop boy band, #bigbang. Here is our rather lithe #curator with one of the lots from his sale, #namjunepaik’s really wonderful “Fat Boy” from 1997. It sold for 4,280,000 HKD. You needed a fat wallet to buy that fat boy. Seven monitors encased in vintage TV cases and cabinets, each playing a single-channel video, form the shape of a somewhat rotund fellow. Paik has here chosen to fashion an interesting and telling form. The figure’s symmetry is disturbed by its raised left arm. The ambiguity of the gesture is conspicuous: is it one of spiritual solemnity? Perhaps it signifies the majesty of the figure? Perhaps, even, is it a dictatorial salute? T.O.P. inspects it closely. That puzzling ambiguity also feeds in to the title of the work. ‘Fat Boy’ could reference certain images of #buddha – as deities go, he’s not afraid of a pie or two, right? It could also reference certain political leaders. And God knows we’ve seen enough pudgy autocrats over the past few centuries try to rule (and undo) peoples’ lives. 20 years after it was made (and unbeknownst to the artist), there are two particular ‘Fat Boys’ that instantly come to mind, currently engaged in bouts of playground nuclear politics. All these possible tributaries of meaning trickle through the work, subsequently articulating the mechanics and dynamics of #video and #sculpture in a direct manner that still manages to maintain a certain whimsy. The #medium delivers the language and the language delivers the #message; a wry, slippery take on the bastions of religion and politics and how their shared symbolic order can energise often misleading, sometimes redundant but, occasionally, dangerous trajectories of thought. That was then; the future is now, to paraphrase #paik. Or, as I prefer to describe the conflation of religious and political symbology: same shit, different day. Heavy stuff, this fat boy, but T.O.P. made fat #phat. He turns 30 today 🎂. #koreansdoitbetter #korea #artist #bigbangvip #yg #ygfamily #tttop #topbigbang #birthday

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Long time friend of T.O.P, Jae Chun Go (he had another photo of a dinner table with the same caption, but has since removed it):

승현아 생일 축하한다 🎂🎂😀

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Director of “Pace: Seoul”:

Happy Birthday @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

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From his mother’s Instagram (we won’t share her account here so it’s via another user’s post):

From “Out of Control” Co-Star Ceclia Chung:

Sotherby’s employee Jacky Ho:

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