Elle: Seungri’s ramen restaurant is coming to Kuala Lumpur

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We’re hoping that Seungri will be here to officiate Aori Ramen’s opening

BIGBANG member Seungri is expanding his reach to our shores with a new opening of his famous ramen restaurant, Aori Ramen in Kuala Lumpur. He confirmed the news via an Instagram post two days ago. The new outlet will mark Aori Ramen’s 15th restaurant in the world. The first restaurant was opened in Seoul’s Gangnam district in December 2016.

While details of the opening are scarce, there’s nothing wrong with hoping that Seungri would be there too, right? And maybe, you can see him posing outside the eatery like this.

🎊 @aoriramen #아오리라멘 #アオリの神隠し 아오리라멘 14호점이 서울 이태원에 오픈합니다.🎊 문화와 개성이 있는 서울의 도심 이태원에 아오리라멘 🇰🇷국내12호점이 10/19(목) 오픈합니다! 다양한 먹거리와 문화가 가득한 서울의 가장 이국적인 도시 이태원에서 아오리라멘과 함께 더 즐거워지세요! 용산구 이태원로 189, 3층 / 이태원 소방서 바로 건너편 입니다! • 🎊アオリラーメン14号店がソウル梨泰院にオープンします.🎊 文化と個性があるソウルの都心イテウォンにアオリラーメン🇰🇷国内12号店がオープンします!様々な食べ物や文化がたくさんある、ソウルの最も異国的な都市、梨泰院でアオリラーメンと一緒にもっと楽しんでください! 龍山区梨泰院路189、3階/梨泰院消防署の真向かいです! • 🎊Aori拉面第14分店即将在梨泰院开业🎊 Aori拉面韩国第12分店即将在集多种文化与个性的首尔梨泰院开业!在充满各国美食与文化的首尔最具有异国风情的梨泰院,与Aori拉面一起享受幸福时光吧! 首尔市龙山区梨泰院路189号3楼/梨泰院消防队正对面! • Aori Ramen franchise No.14 will have its Grand Opening in Itaewon, Seoul With the most exotic features and cultural diversities in Seoul, Itaewon offers you with variety of eateries and entertainments. Enjoy Aori Ramen at the center of Seoul's most unique spot! Located @ 3rd floor, 189 Itaewon-ro Yongsan-gu, Seoul (Right accross the Itaewon Fire Station)

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#Repost @seungriseyo with @repostapp ・・・ #아오리라멘 서울 청담점 이 16일 드디어 정식 오픈을 합니다 딸 아오리짱 을 기쁘게하게 위해 정성스럽게 만든 아버지의 라멘 을 그대로 재현하였습니다 기쁨을주는 라멘 #아오리라멘 많이오셔서 기뻐지세요 위치는 청담동 87-10번지 3층 #아오리라멘 라면사진을 가장 잘찍으신분들께 댓글을 남기겠습니다 # 월-토 오전 11:00 – 오후 10:30 매주 일요일은 휴일입니다 アオリの神隠し アオリの神隠し アオリラーメン ソウルチョンダム店が 明日オープンします 娘のアオリちゃんの事を 喜ばせるために作ったお父さんのラーメンのそのままで 皆さんもアオリラーメンで 嬉しくなって欲しいです 東京 六本木店も 12月以内にオープンする予定でありますので是非楽しみにして下さい! ラーメンの写真撮りが上手い方には僕が直接コメント残しますのでよろしくお願いします Aori Ramen Seoul Cheongdam location officially opens on December 16th! The ramen was originally made with a father's love for his daughter Aori to enjoy. Please come and enjoy the ramen and experience the same joy for yourself! #AoriRamen is located at Cheongdam-dong 87-10 3rd Floor. The best photo taken with the hashtag #AoriRamen will receive a comment left on their photo. Thank you!

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