Interview Bits from G-Dragon x Vidal Sassoon Event (170909) [VIDEOS]

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He said feels blessed that we (VIPs) accompanied him during his 20s and now 30s. He doesn’t know what to expect/ what he will do during his 30s but he hopes that we can all stay together with him.

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VIP: GD You look cool everyday, do you have some tips for VIPs?
GD: I look cool because the staff helped me style. But most importantly, you need to have confidence. Be confident in what you are wearing. You don’t have to care how others feel about what you wear.
Q: What is your favorite fashion brand?
GD: You are right *shy*

* * *

Q: You’ve tried many different hairstyles and colors, which one suits you the most?
GD: Not sure… because my style constantly changes.

VS: Why did you decide to work with Vidal Sassoon?
GD: You guys invited me..

MC: GD, do you usually use silicon-free shampoo?
GD: Of course
MC: What steps do you take?
GD: Erm… first..
MC cuts in: steps change every time

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