Teenage Singapore: Taeyang’s White Night is an Eargasmic Record of Love & Heartbreak

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At long last, the wait is over – Taeyang’s third studio album White Night has finally dropped and it’s everything we ever wanted, and more.

Three years since heating up the airwaves with Rise, the BIGBANG vocal powerhouse is back to set the charts ablaze with his newest musical offering, and boy does he deliver with aplomb. In what’s perhaps his most sonically intriguing record to date, White Night offers the man’s usual fare of slick R&B hooks, punchy choruses and atmospheric synths, but it’s Taeyang’s expressive vocals – which sounds right at home no matter what genre he goes for – and lovelorn lyrics that really grab you by the throat relentlessly till the last note.

And judging by how the vocalist has snagged the #1 spot on Billboard‘s World Albums chart and the Apple iTunes album charts in over 23 countries respectively, White Night is definitely an album to put on repeat – for days when you’re in the mood for love.

1. “White Night”:
Kicking things off with this psychedelic stomper of an opener, ‘White Night’ launches into a progressive frenzy of electronic grooves and trancey rhythms that you’ll soon find yourself bopping along to. Despite clocking in at a little over a minute long, it’s as good as a tune as the longer cuts – and sets the stage for the epicness that’s to come.

2. “Wake Me Up”:
“Is it love? / If I want this moment to last forever,” he croons earnestly over lush strings and fuzzy beats in this confessional ballad, before quickly building to a dancefloor-ready chorus. True to its lyrics, we certainly don’t wish for this song to ever end.

3. “Darling”:
Taeyang’s stripped-back vocals take center stage in this piano-driven piece, showcasing what he does best in the most intimate way possible. “The whole world is telling me that nothing lasts forever / Darling darling you, you’re my everything,” he sings, clearly out to tug at our heartstrings and hey, we’re okay with that.

4. “Ride”:
Picking up the momentum, ‘Ride’ is a classic slice of R&B that wouldn’t be too out of place on Taeyang’s previous releases – yet it still manages to sound fresh on first listen.

5. “Amazin'”:
The party’s just getting started! Hit replay on this slow-burner of a club banger, backed by a ridiculously catchy hook that’s almost impossible to get out of your head.

6. “Empty Road”:
Putting his vulnerability on display, he pours his heart out: “Because I miss you so much / Now it’s an empty road with nothing in it.” There’s just something about this heartbreaking number that makes Taeyang – solo superstar aka one-fifth of the biggest K-pop boy band – actually feel human.

7. “Naked”:
At first glance, this might seem like your typical ballad – but Taeyang kicks it up a notch with a fist-pumping, synth-laden chorus that deserves to be blasted at full volume.

8. “Tonight”:
‘Tonight’ is one of the most anticipated tracks of this album, and we could totally see why. “It’s no fun to drag it out anymore yeah? / Let’s get to the point,” Taeyang woozily declares over a languid bass line, before Block B’s Zico swoops in with a killer rap verse – bringing a thematic closure to the eight-track masterpiece that is White Night.

Taeyang’s White Night is now available for purchase and streaming.


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