Taeyang Introduces New Track “Wake Me Up” + Instagram Updates

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Wake Me Up
Lyrics by: Kush, Joe Rhee
Composed by: Kush, Joe Rhee, R. Tee
Arranged by: Kush, R. Tee

After previously revealing “Darling” as the title track, the new image shares information on the sub-title track “Wake Me Up.” It is written by The Black Label producers Kush, Joe Rhee, and R. Tee, with Kush and Joe Rhee also participating in the lyrics.

Taeyang commented on the track, “It is a song that can maximally show new vocal colors. I liked everything about it from the concept to the end result. ‘Wake Me Up’ tells the story of not wanting to wake up from a dream about a lover.”

The music video for the track will drop along with the album and music video for “Darling” at 6 p.m. KST on August 16.

Source: Soompi

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Track List (so far):
Intro (watch music video »)
1. Darling (title song)
2. Wake Me Up

Taeyang’s Instagram Updates about the release and more:


A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on

A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on

Taeyang’s Instagram Comments:

XXX: I still have to wait (five days) for your album, isn’t it?
Taeyang: Me too and look forward to it

XXX: Youngbae ah, I love you
XXX: Youngbae ah, thank you for singing
Taeyang: Me too

XXX: In YouTube, there is 20-years-old Youngbae, 25-years-old Youngbae, the Youngbae now and everything‼️🤣Which “Youngbae” do you like❓❓❓❓🌞😁🌞😁
Taeyang: I like the forever- tomorrow, the day after and two days later “youngbae”

XXX: My dream ,, is to receive a reply from Oppa …. I have a hunch that something is going to happen today ,, My dream may come true ..
Taeyang: Your dream is too simple to achieve..

XXX: It’s beautiful, youngbae
Taeyang: Hehe


Screencap & translation via @BIGBANG_LIKES & BB.Translations

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