Taeyang’s White Night Concert in Kobe – Day 1 (170805) [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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Taeyang said that he thinks the teasers for his new album will start to come out next week. He sang a bit of one of his title songs that seemed more on the slow side, and hummed a bit of the other title song that seemed to be faster. Both songs sounded really good! He hummed the second song making it sound funny, just like when the members imitate the way he sings. He originally intended to also hum the lyrics to the first song (the slow one) but he didn’t know how to start and just laughed, so cute. – @susifg

Taeyang said he was sure his album would have been released by now in time for his concerts in Kobe. He apologized that that wasn’t the case. He even said if at least the teasers had come out by now he would have sung the full songs for us, but YG has released nothing at all yet. So he gave us teasers of two songs. I suppose it’s the 2 title songs..? He didn’t specify anything though. What he sang sounded great. – @mshinju

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I Need A Girl:

Fireworks / Eyes, Nose, Lips:

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