Track Info of Taeyang’s Title Song “Darling”

Posted August 10, 2017 by

Lyrics by Teddy
Composed by Teddy, 8!, Choice37, Future Bounce
Arranged by Teddy, Choice37, Seo Won Jin

– “Darling” is a song that highlights the sorrow of a breakup. Taeyang’s captivating vocal is expected to shine in this song once again.

– The lyrics and melody of the song were written by YG’s main producer Teddy. Taeyang has worked with Teddy for his hit songs “Only Look At Me”, “Where U At”, “Wedding Dress”, and “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.

– The music video was shot in LA and Alaska to show the background of Mother Nature in accordance with the magnificent feel of the song.

– Taeyang also updated his Instagram with the photo with the caption: #TAEYANG #태양 #DARLING #COMEBACK #NEWALBUM #WHITENIGHT #백야 #白夜 #20170816 #6PM #YG.

Credits: YG Life