Taeyang talks about White Night, T.O.P, Enlisting, Min Hyo Rin, World Tour

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Taeyang held a press conference for his third solo album “White Night” on August 16.

On his new album
“I came up with the new album’s concept when I was working on my previous album ‘Rise.’ I didn’t want the sun to go down after it rose, and the image of ‘white night,’ a natural phenomenon of the sun not going down even at night, struck me. I thought the image was so cool.

For the new album, I worked with new producers I haven’t worked with before, and it expanded my musical spectrum. Also, I used to focus on choreographies and stage performances before, but I want to show more of my musical sides this time.”

New album is more R&B than Hip-hop
: “For each of my works, I think I make music that I’m attracted to at that time. Unlike my second album, many people like R&B, so I was able to do what I want, and that’s why this album has more of an R&B sound.”

Taeyang’s third album also features new composers that present a wide selection of the sound spectrum including disco and electric guitar-leading songs. The 29-year-old singer said he had an “ideal” working environment collaborating with new producers.

“Whichever music you do, I think you can connect with others if you can work with sincerity and have an open mind. Making a new attempt is good, but whenever I make a new album, I put sincerity as my top priority.”

When asked about whether he’s been keeping in touch with T.O.P
“I think the best I can do for him is to be by his side. There are things that he has to process and realize on his own, so instead of giving him advice, I think it’s better for me as a fellow member and friend to call him more than I usually do and visit him as much as I can.

I try to be by his side as much as I can. I try to listen to his thoughts and talk to him about them. But when we meet, we talk about little things more than we do about serious things.”

About his relationship with BIGBANG and doing solo work
“We’ve been together since we were young, and even now, we care about each other and we’re each other’s friends and family. Of course my music is influenced by all of the things I’ve done as a member of BIGBANG. BIGBANG is my beginning, my roots. That can’t be ignored.

My music and my work as BIGBANG is so important to me. My work as a solo artist is also important to me. There are many reasons why people release solo albums, but for me, my main goal is for this new album to have a positive impact on my own music and on BIGBANG as a group. Seeing G-Dragon’s recent album receiving a lot of love from people was a source of motivation for me. I believe that our individual activities have a positive impact on each other.”

About Min Hyo Rin’s influence on his music
“Since she is the person I love, just as for ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips,’ it is impossible to not be musically influenced. If I were to speak boldly, she is the person I love the most, so I believe she is my greatest muse.”

His military enlistment
Taeyang says he is preparing himself for the military but he’ll finish out the year well.
TAEYANG: Of course I have to go. When your country summons you, you have to go. I’m waiting and trying to get ready for it.

His world tour
As a singer, promoting your album and meeting fans in different countries is ideal/perfect. It’s every singer’s dream and I’m very grateful and happy that I’m able to do it. The one thing I’m most looking forward to during my promotions is meeting fans.

On title song Darling
“Many people thought it was a song about separation with a lover, but you can tell it is a song about passionate love when you read the lyrics. The lyrics will resonate well with lovers. The songs’ hook part says ‘My hope is you’. I think many people would understand such feelings.

I think explanations about the song ‘Darling’ were insufficient before the new album’s release. It was heartbreaking to see those wrong rumors. It was written as my solo song when I was working on ‘MADE’ album. At that time, I just created the code and later, various melodies were put on it. When my work on this new album progressed to some extent after its beginning a year ago, I hit a roadblock that I have always faced while working on new albums. It was like while setting the basis for the album, the idea that the title track should be the one liked by everybody hit me.

When I thought about with what kind of music I could give more good influences to more people, this song came upon the mind of both mine and producer Teddy. We were stuck in the process of working on the song’s melody again, so nothing new could be done by us”, to explain the process of the birth of ‘Darling’.”

Perspective on life
Confessing that he was obsessed with his musical career and success in the past, the singer also said that his perspective on life has changed. He now focuses on taking care of his personal relationships and the people he cares about, such as his family and friends.

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