Taeyang Kicks Off New Album Promotions with Pre-recording for Inkigayo

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BIGBANG’s Taeyang will put on his comeback stage on SBS’s Inkigayo.

On August 18, Taeyang will be doing the pre-recording for SBS’s Inkigayo. He will perform “WAKE ME UP” before his fans, and then do the recording of “DARLING” behind closed doors.

Taeyang, YG Entertainment, and the Inkigayo staff have been working hard from two days before the show’s air date to make his comeback stage perfect. Taeyang’s recorded performance will be aired on Inkigayo on August 20. Taeyang is to do active promotions for his new album, including making appearances in music and variety shows.

Meanwhile, Taeyang released his new solo album “WHITE NIGHT” on August 16. The album became No.1 on the US iTunes Albums Chart, demonstrating Taeyang’s global popularity.

Source: X Sports News via YG Life

Fan accounts from inside the pre-recording:

Outside SBS, pre-recording finished at 1am:

Source: As tagged in photos via @CharmingYB & @OneBlueMouse, @YB_518

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