10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend a Taeyang Concert

Posted August 12, 2017 by

With Taeyang’s American and Canadian concerts fast approaching, we wanted to take a short moment and have some fun listing some great reasons why everyone should take the chance and go see his solo concert. Of course everyone should make sure to see all the other members’ solo endeavors and everything they do as BIGBANG, but with Taeyang’s concerts forthcoming, we wanted to talk about him now:

1. With moves like this… who wouldn’t want to experience it live

(video via P3T3R_MX @ youtube.com)

2. As Tablo recently said… his voice is proof there is a higher power… that’s just how magical it is

(Screenshot via @jojoblack77)

3. Who wouldn’t want to be sung to like only Taeyang knows how…

(video via YB-518% @ youtube.com)

4. Knowing he might come down and do something with the crowd, it’s always worth going!

(video via solmate youngbae & carefreeangel @ youtube.com)


(photos via @YGEnt_official)

6. The hype is real…

(video via Jiyong’s waifu laifu @ youtube.com)

7. …because in reality he is just the most adorable, shy, dancing cutie/teddy bear ever…

(video via xxsamdrgn & Young Bae @ youtube.com)

8. His love for fans…

(video via DramaFever & YB-518% @ youtube.com)

9. His English skills!

(video via May Yaj & xoxoshy @ youtube.com)

10. …cause… HE’LL BE THERE… (eh…eh… see what we did there with the title? *wink*)

(video via YGTAEYANG @ youtube.com)

Alright, well now that you’ve seen our reasons, feel free to leave your own below and we’ll see you at the show! What’s that… don’t have a ticket for his show yet? Why, that’s an easy fix! Check out KPopMe’s website and check out the nearest concert venue to you. They even have links to the ticket sales so you can pick everything up in one fell swoop! Have fun everyone! Once again, we will see you at the show…well…at least admin Kimmi will see you guys at the New York show as of now…

(This post is in partnership with KpopMe, the official promoter of Taeyang’s WHITE NIGHT Tour in US and Canada.)