G-Dragon’s MOTTE Concert in Osaka (170823) [PHOTO/VIDEO]

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-At band intro today GD handed his mic to Omar, but unlike yesterday he refused to take it back so Omar introduced the band and dancers. When Omar came back to GD who pretended to be playing bass (introducing him as “on bass: G-DRAGON!”) GD turned his back at him, then laughed.

-Then GD took the mic back from him and said in English “I’m gonna kill him” 🤣🤣 then he asked Omar how far he had done the introduction.

-While Omar introduced the band members and dancers GD was laughing and pointing at them as if he couldn’t believe what was happening.

-In his MC today GD said that he really likes Osaka. He wants to hold another concert here. Then he asked us what we think (we agreed obviously). Then GD said it’s not up to him “boss! (CEO, addressing the CEO of YG JAPAN), please, do something!” Then he said “if you (VIPs) give your best… I’ll come (back). So.. do your best!”

-The MC today for MOTTE in Osaka was shorter than yesterday. GD spent a lot of time adjusting his mic and playing with mic and camera. Like tapping the camera (very softly) with his mic, and making VIPs scream by pointing the mic to the camera and to the audience

-GD: Hi guys. I’m Kwon Jiyong.
VIPs: (scream quite high pitched)
GD: (laugh) what’s that “uuhh~~” reaction?
VIPs: (laugh)
GD: Uuh~
VIPs: Uuh~

-GD: “Being able to hold two world tours…. ah… it’s a really good feeling. I feel honored.”

-GD: “This album is about the human Kwon Jiyong, not G-Dragon. Well I am G-Dragon though. About the 1 human Kwon Jiyong. Well because I am not 2.”

-GD: What do you think about Kwon Jiyong? Hm?
VIPs: KAKKOII!! (handsome/cool)
GD: Eh?? Seriously? 🤔 hmm thank you! I’m happy!
GD: …(laugh) kawaii? Hmm…. (laugh) yesterday (at the concert)… I was kawaii…
VIPs: (scream)
GD: (laughs shyly)

-GD: “I dunno why but lately I feel lonely. Thinking too much about trivial things. I don’t know… I’m lonely! You see? I have no girlfriend, right? And I tour solo, right? Ah, right now I feel really happy though… (on stage) But when I leave (the stage)…”
VIPs: It’s okay!!
GD: No no it’s not ok! I hate it! …go out with me. (laugh) please! I’m waiting.
GD: My phone number is… (makes unidentifyable sounds) but, in front of you guys on stage, that feeling disappears&my heart fills with joy.”

-GD: BIGBANG turned 11.
VIPs: 👏👏👏
GD: 👏👏👏 If it wasn’t for you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible.
GD: No, I am thankful!

-GD: Ah, I really like Osaka. I love it. Today’s my last concert in Osaka… hmm…should we do another one?
VIPs: (scream)
GD: Ok?

-GD: Today’s concert is over. One song left.
VIPs: EHHH!!? 😭😭
GD: But! Maybe… if you wanna. Some other day. Well I dunno, but…
GD: If you do your best… then… I’ll come (back)
VIPs: (cheer)
GD: Un.

-GD: The next song is about… divine comedy. It’s a book. It’s… ah nevermind (no confidence to explain in Japanese)
VIPs: Huuh~~
GD: Well, it’s.. about life. It’s fun, or well not really but…it’s interesting. I mean the book. My song is good. I think so at least.



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