G-Dragon Treats Fans To Unreleased Clips From “Untitled” MV & Both Versions Together [VIDEO]

Posted August 13, 2017 by

On August 13, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon posted three unreleased clips from his “Untitled” music video to his Instagram account. Under the posts, he wrote that the clips were a special treat for his fans.

G-Dragon’s “Untitled” music video is famous for being a “one-take” music video. This means that the entire video was shot from beginning to end without any cuts in between.

The three clips G-Dragon shared are from another take of his music video where he is wearing a different outfit and the background is more subdued. These clips show more close-ups of the superstar’s face and emotions rather than being zoomed out like the original music video.

Source (1) via @soompi

Below are the 2 versions (Instagram & Youtube) together to show the differences in real time with the music:

Source: @M17GD