G-Dragon Donates 81.8 million won to UNHCR, “Hurts to see wounded children”

Posted August 18, 2017 by

G-Dragon is reported to have donated 81.8 million won to UNHCR through its Korean branch on his birthday August 18 to support refugees worldwide.

G-Dragon has been donating every year on his birthday and actively contributes to various charity organizations. He’s also known to encourage fans through social media to participate.

G-Dragon’s donation will go to UNHCR’s Global Shelter Coalition, a campaign launched in May 2016 to provide and improve shelter of millions of refugees around the world.

G-Dragon’s statement:

“I hope that we all live in a peaceful world. It hurts to see wounded children due to civil war and violence. I hope my little effort will help in providing a place of shelter for them to rest even if it’s just for a while. I wish to convey the message that we can’t build peace just by having an idea/thinking of it, but to have all of us putting effort together in making it happen.”

Credits: Naver, @Joey_GD