Taeyang’s “White Night” Concert in Chiba – Day 2 (170709) [VIDEOS/PHOTOS]

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• Set list same as yesterday’s.

• After LAST DANCE, YB said that it usually doesn’t happen to him but that today he felt like crying. Then he stopped talking, after a short while he asked us to wait for a bit and disappeared backstage. A minute later he came back totally fine.

• YB also asked fans to keep loving and supporting him and his members from now on too, just like we’ve been doing till now.

• Talking about his soon-to-be-released new album YB apologized for not having finished it in time for the Chiba concerts but explained that since it’s his last one before a little blank period (he stressed “little”) from next year he said he wants to make a good job so it is taking longer to finish. He also said that in Kobe he might be able to show new songs and asked fans to please go to Kobe to hear them.

Daesung and Se7en went to the concert.

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* * *

Taeyang: Everyone, good evening!
VIPs: *cheer*
Taeyang: Good evening!
VIPs: Good evening!!!
Taeyang: Welcome to my second concert in Chiba! I’m really so happy to meet you all! This is my first solo stadium concert and I feel so overwhelmed with emotions. I stood on several stadium stages with BIGBANG, but even now, I still can’t believe that I can stand on the stage of such a big venue like today. I don’t know why, but since I was a kid when I pictured being a singer, I always had the image of a stadium in mind when I practiced. Thinking that it turned into a reality now… It’s like a dream! Also, being able to hold a concert on the day of the year when the sun is the hottest, I feel like I’m about to die.
VIPs: *laugh*
Taeyang: Your love is so hot! I might die for real. Do you feel like you’re about to die as well?
VIPs: *laugh*
Taeyang: Are you?
VIPs: *cheer*
Taeyang: Don’t die!!!

Taeyang: The title of my tour is White Night. A night where the sun doesn’t set. What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

Taeyang: Thank you! Look everyone (looks at the sky) the night! (First line of Fantastic Baby JP version) …the night has come! The night has come, but I’m on this stage, so the sun won’t set!
VIPs: *cheer*
Taeyang: How’s that? Even cooler, right?

* * *

Taeyang: Ah, the reaction is better than yesterday! Thank you! Actually, I really wanted the concept to fit the tour title, so I worked hard to make sure the concert would start at 7pm. I had many meetings with the staff. They told me, “Ah, we can’t do that” But I did my best and finally managed to convince them!
VIPs: *laugh, clap*
Taeyang: For the title of the tour! Well then, everyone! Are you ready?
VIPs: *scream*
Taeyang: Tonight, you and I will become one and make the world light up bright! Are you ready!
VIPs: *scream*
Taeyang: The next song is a night song. A real night song. Do you know which on it is? Do you know? A song about the night. My solo song with night time in its lyrics. What could that be?
VIPs: 1AM!!!
Taeyang: Let’s go, 1AM!!

Credits: @mshinju

Taeyang’s Instagram Updates

__youngbae__: Thank u chiba!! Can’t wait to see ya again !! Love you!!💕💕💕💕💕

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #whitenight

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Last Dance:

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ENL + Fireworks:

Mino – Fear (feat. Taeyang)

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