Ticket Sale for Taeyang’s Seoul Concerts Starts Today [VIDEO]

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The tickets to TAEYANG’s solo Seoul concert will be sold starting from today.

YG Entertainment announced that the tickets to TAEYANG’s “WHITE NIGHT” concerts, which will be held at the Jamsil Stadium on August 26-27, will be open for sale from 8 PM on July 13. The concerts signal the beginning of TAEYANG’s solo world tour. It’s been three years since TAEYANG last held a solo concert, which was his “RISE” tour in 2014.

A teaser video featuring TAEYANG talking about how he feels about doing the “WHITE NIGHT” tour was released too, raising expectations for the concerts.

He said, “I’ll finally be able to meet Korean VIPs at my ‘WHITE NIGHT’ concerts. It’s been such a long time since I did a solo concert. I’m really excited. I hope you have a good time too.”

“WHITE NIGHT” refers to a night in which the sun never goes down completely and signifies TAEYANG’s long pursuit of his passion for music. The performances are expected to be of a much higher quality as TAEYANG himself has taken a big part in organizing the world tour.

TAEYANG recently decided to hold additional concerts in eight North American cities during his tour, and he plans to add more cities to his tour.

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Source: E Daily via YG Life

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