Taeyang’s White Night Concert in Chiba – Day 1 (170708) [VIDEOS/PHOTOS]

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[FINISHED] Audio Live Stream:


Set List

1. Ringa Linga
2. Body
3. Superstar
4. Break Down
5. Only Look At Me
6. Wedding Dress
7. 1AM
8. You’re My
9. I Need A Girl
10. So Good (Lexus Song)
11. Love You to Death
12. Fear (Mino feat. Taeyang)
13. Last Dance
14. Eyes Nose Lips

15. Good Boy
16. Stay with Me
17. Body
18. Bang Bang Bang
19. Fantastic Baby
20. Eye Nose Lips


Taeyang: I’m sorry that I couldn’t release a new song in time like I said before. I will go to the army next year so I’d like to make my last album (before serving) perfect. It’s taking a while to work on it so I couldn’t let you guys hear it today. I’m sorry.

Credits: jye518 via @onebluemouse

Taeyang: “This song would probably make you want to meet the others (members)” and played the piano and sang Last Dance.

Credits: @mmvvip

Taeyang: Thanks to you many many fans who came to see me today. Tonight really turned into a white night. I want to be like the warm morning sun who warms your hearts and always remains right by your side.

Credits: @mshinju



Last Dance:

Fear (Mino feat. Taeyang):

Crowd during Last Dance:

Ringa Linga:

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“Say yeah, yeah”:

So Good (Lexus song):

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Wedding Dress:

Eyes, Nose, Lips / Fireworks:

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