T.O.P to Take Sick Leave Due to Anxiety Disorder

Posted July 28, 2017 by

T.O.P is reported to have filed for sick leave from his military duty due to an anxiety disorder. He was serving as a conscripted policeman before being charged with smoking marijuana, so he has to be granted permission to take a leave of absence by the police. He reportedly have submitted a medical certificate and a written parental consent to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

T.O.P is currently resting at home, but he will be evaluated next week if he is qualified to return as a conscripted policeman. If he passes, he will be reinstated to his unit, and if not, he has to fulfill his military duty in a different role either as a social worker or a military reserve.

T.O.P, who has been charged with smoking marijuana, was given a two-year probation (10-month jail sentence suspended for two years) at his final trial and didn’t file an appeal against the decision of the court.

Sources: Yonhap, YTN
Translation: Kpop Behind