Soompi: 14 K-Pop Idols With Impressive Beatboxing Talent

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Vocals, visuals, aegyo, dancing, impersonations… there are many talents that come in handy when you’re a K-pop idol. But one that is rare and often overlooked is the ability to beatbox. After all, it’s pretty cool (and useful!) when idols can lay down a beat whenever and wherever they want — no music necessary. So prepare to be amazed by the crazy sounds, explosive beats, and wild rhythms of these 14 beatboxing pros.

1. iKON’s Bobby
Even since his pre-debut days, Bobby has had a knack for beatboxing. He mixes vocal sounds with beatbox elements to make unique rhythms that will have you bobbing your head.

Famous for his deep, husky voice, the BIGBANG rapper also knows how to drop a beat. He can switch up patterns and tempos quickly, keeping his audience on the edge of their seats!

3. INFINITE’s Dongwoo
Dongwoo’s beatbox includes resonating bass sounds that are dripping with swag. Just check out this video of him giving Hoya a little something to dance to.

4. Apink’s Bomi
Apink may be known for their sweet image and innocent concepts, but Bomi sure can lay down a beat. Hopefully she’ll show us more of this talent in the future — you go, girl!

5. GOT7’s Jackson
Could Jackson be any more perfect? The GOT7 heartthrob never fails to impress, and his beatboxing prowess is no exception. Swoon.

6. B.A.P’s Zelo
I actually have some questions for Zelo regarding his beatbox — like, when does he breathe? How does he make those sounds at the same time? Is he even human?

7. WINNER’s Mino
Mino’s beatbox is more than just rhythm: it’s a mesmerizing performance that will make your jaw drop. He even uses beatboxing sounds to mime out actions, charades-style.

8. EXO’s D.O.
Most of us know D.O. for his silky smooth vocals, so you may be surprised to learn that the EXO singer knows a thing or two about beatboxing. Ever a team player, D.O. uses his skill as a base for his fellow members to rap or sing over.

9. VIXX’s Ken
Ken’s unique style of beatboxing features growling, vibrating sounds that make you want to get down. No wonder Ravi is able to freestyle dance to it so coolly!

10. B.A.P’s Daehyun
The second B.A.P member to make this list, Daehyun also slays the beatboxing game. His rapid-fire rhythms are so quick, you’ll be dizzy just listening!

11. iKON’s B.I
Another YG idol who shows us that beatboxing is an art form in its own right, B.I is able to produce an incredible number of different sounds that you didn’t even know were possible for a person to make.

12. Red Velvet’s Wendy
Wendy is another female idol who has proved to be a budding beatboxer, able to give the other Red Velvet members a groove to rap over.

13. BTS’s J-Hope
J-Hope’s beatboxes are as full of energy as he is, and he can often be seen providing rhythms for the other members to solo over, or just goof around to!

14. HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Doo Joon
Doo Joon showcases his manly side with his smooth, resonating beatbox… even if he is quick to cutely laugh it off after!

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BBU Bonus…Seungri Beatboxing!

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