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Taeyang’s 2017 World Tour White Night in Japan DVD & Blu-Ray Release

Release Date: January 31, 2018
1. 3DVD + 2CD + Photo Book + Digital Music and Video from SP-Music Japan
2. 3Blu-ray + 2CD + Photo Book + Digital Music and Video from SP-Music Japan
3. 2DVD + Digital Music and Video from SP-Music Japan
4. 2Blu-ray + Digital Music and Video from SP-Music Japan

Seungri’s Aori Ramen

• Aori Ramen is opening its fourth branch in Korea (sixth including Japan) on July 28th. The new branch is located at DDP Design Market, Master Dining Hall D.
• Aori Ramen was featured in a popular Korean foodie website’s ranking of the “Top 7 Restaurants in Seoul for Solo Dining”:

Ramen restaurant run by BIGBANG’s Seungri
Perfect for solo dining with a menu that hits the spot!
“You can’t talk about solo dining without mentioning ramen, right? A solo dining restaurant in Seoul with savory ramen! Aori’s Spirited Away! It’s tastier when you go on a rainy day >_<"

2AM’s Jo Kwon’s Instagram update at G-Dragon’s Cafe Monsant Aewol:

Translation: This is GD-nim’s* #MonsantAewol. Lots of people and a nice view. I’m learning**. #Jeju #GDCafe

*-nim – highest form of honorifics, generally used for someone who is revered to have a significant amount of skill, intellect, knowledge, etc.
**Jo Kwon owns a cereal cafe called “Midnight in Seoul”.

Random Street Survey about the Biggest Groups in Korea: BIGBANG, EXO or BTS?

(Starts @ 4:32)

Korean Netizen Comments

Seungri Wins Silver and Bronze at Jiujitsu Competition
Taeyang’s Solo Comeback
G-Dragon, “I’ll return with the rest of BIGBANG”
Everything he does becomes a trend… G=Dragon, dominant swag


• New Line app stickers: (May be available to certain countries only.)

• In addition to the Krunk x BIGBANG Beach Resort, YGEX is doing a Krunk x BIGBANG Beach Bar in Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya. They will be serving beer, cocktails, cider, coffee, iced tea, and other food items. Venues:

– Osaka @ W Cafe
– Fukuoka @ Cafe The Park Tenjin
– Nagoya @ Canaria

Reservation »

• Krunk: “Seungri, are you watching me now?”

• Krunk’s USB a la G-Dragon’s “Kwon Ji Yong” USB album:

More Photos of BIGBANG’s Enterbay Figures:

Preorder G-Dragon’s figure on YG-Eshop »

7 Years Ago: Taeyang – I Need A Girl on Inkigayo

3 Years Ago: Daesung’s D’sLove Tour in Osaka

1 Year Ago: BIGBANG’s Fan Meeting in Hong Kong

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