Daesung @ Dori Uta Fes 2017 (170708) [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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Daesung performed at “The Best Covers of Dreams Come True DoRi Uta Fes 2017” in Osaka today July 8.

Set List

1. D-Day
2. Venus
3. Zenryoku Shonen
4. Joyful
5. Egao no Yukue (Whereabouts of That Smile)


• Daesung was his usual self. Hip sways and finger hearts. Long and funny MCs too. Everybody was laughing with him.
• During the first song (D-DAY) Daesung looked so nervous 😅 He messed up the lyrics and kept deep breathing, then he’d smile shyly, so cute.
• In VENUS he messed up the beginning of a verse, made them stop the music, blamed his mistake on the heat and started again. Everybody laughed. (video below)
• I can say with confidence that he definitely owned the crowd 😁💪 He even asked people to check his solo albums while buying Dream Come True’s cover album.
• Daesung also promoted his hall tour starting in August saying that there will be more space than here and VIPs complained because it’s a lie.
• Daesung was completely alone on stage: no band and no backup dancers. Still he owned that stage like nobody else 😏👏

Credits: @susifg

• Daesung: “I sang Dreams Come True’s Mirai Yosozu at my first solo tour 4 years ago. It was the first time I heard one of their songs. Since then I’ve been listening a lot to their music and became a big fan.”

Credits: @mshinju



Daesung performing “Egao no Yukue”:

Daesung apologizing for restarting Venus,”I’d continue but it’s not good cos I can’t see your smiles, so I need to start over.”

めっちゃ可愛い〜〜😍 #ドリウタ#テソン#dlite

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