Daesung and Se7en @ Taeyang’s Concert in Chiba (170709) [VIDEO/PHOTO]

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Fan accounts:

• Daesung had a sketchbook prepared with messages. He wrote: “Congratulations to your Stadium Tour! Let’s go have dinner next time! Dinner! …Dinner… D na… D na SHOW! On August 11, 12 in Chiba! I’ll see you there! And, at the end…”

• Daesung and Se7en were sitting together and both had notebooks with a message written on them: Daesung promoting his hall tour (because Taeyang promoted his tour when he went to his concert) and Se7en with “Show us something!” because Taeyang did that to Daesung on his tour too. VIPs started chanting “show us!”

Taeyang: Well, the specialist/best in showing “something” is Daesung.
VIPs: Show us, show us! (to Daesung)
*Daesung points at Se7en*
*Se7en playfully hits him*
Taeyang: Ok, then show us both together.
VIPs: Both together! Both together!
*Daesung and Se7en just kept hiding behind their respective notebooks*
Taeyang: Ok then let’s sing together.
*BANG BANG BANG starts. During the song the camera showed Daesung & Se7en waving their lightsticks to the rhythm.

Sources: @onebluemouse, @susifg, @mshinju

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