Trainee Involved In T.O.P’s Marijuana Case Receives Sentence From First Trial

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Note: While this is not directly related to T.O.P in way of sentencing, we thought it is important that the most up to date facts and information are relayed and given for everyone to understand. We also thought this is important as it may give us information and ideas about how T.O.P’s trial may go. His accusation is much lighter than the trainee. Thank you.

The first trial for the trainee involved in BIGBANG member T.O.P’s marijuana case has taken place.

Han Seo Hee, who was previously revealed to be the trainee, has been sentenced to four years of probation with the possibility of a three-year prison sentence if she commits a repeat offense during her probation period. The Seoul Central District Court also ordered 120 hours of drug rehab and a fee of 870,000 won (approximately $770).

The bench stated, “She purchased psychotropic drugs LSD and marijuana many times and used/smoked them. She even purchased marijuana again while she was being investigated. She has admitted to her crimes and is remorseful. The fact that she does not have a prior criminal record was taken into consideration.”

Han Seo Hee was previously indicted for smoking marijuana with T.O.P twice in October 2016. They have also been accused of smoking liquid marijuana through an electronic cigarette twice. Reports stated that she brought the marijuana she purchased to T.O.P’s home to smoke together. She also was accused of purchasing LSD on two separate occasions.

Meanwhile, T.O.P’s first trial will take place on June 29.

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Below is an article that came out a few days ago before any sentencing:

Netizens Demand Equal Punishment As More Celebrities Are Accused Of Marijuana Use

After the recent controversy surrounding T.O.P’s marijuana case, more celebrities have been accused of drug use, and netizens are casting doubt on the objectivity of their punishments.

On June 12, senior actor Ki Joo Bong and stage actor Jung Jae Jin have been additionally accused of smoking marijuana. Ki Ju Bong, accused of the same charge as T.O.P, has been issued a preliminary arrest warrant, while Jung Jae Jin has been arrested. T.O.P has been prosecuted without detention.

Regarding the discrepancy among the three celebrities’ punishments, online communities are questioning the fairness of the verdict.

Netizens criticized, “How unfair, the young ones don’t even get arrested.” Another netizen commented, “The same charges as T.O.P during a similar time. Will the law be just?”

Meanwhile, T.O.P is receiving treatment after being found between a state of deep sleep and semiconsciousness on June 6.

Source (1) via @soompi