Taeyang’s Interview @ Lexus Event [VIDEO]

Posted April 3, 2017 by

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Yes, hello there. It’s been a while since I greeted you, this is Taeyang. I’m so glad to be with Lexus, and I think I feel more glad to be together with a nice model named LC (* LC500h).

I usually make a lot of effort to show my own style to the public and I think LC is a car with its own design and personality as well, that’s why I guess they’ve chosen me and I’m so grateful.

It is powerful and I feel it’s very sophisticated too. The first time I saw it… the color, the headlamp and the lines of the car really caught my eye the moment I saw it. Above all things, I liked its sexy design the most.

I think that the dynamic performance shown by LC and the performance I show you on stage are very similar. I’ve made a lot of effort to show something powerful and yet tender, and I think LC is a good model with powerful yet sensuous and sophisticated performance, too.

When I saw it, I tried hard to recreate its feeling. In a few ways, I tried to express the sensual design of LC or the way it (LC) performs with my own style.

Since LC is the first car launched (this year) by Lexus, I wrote the melodies and lyrics focusing on expressing the feelings that are like the initial palpitating/excitement that I had when I saw it (LC) so that many people can have such feelings when they hear it (* the song ‘So good’).

Now I’m preparing for upcoming personal activities and working hard on my solo album. I believe I can meet you soon with good music and hope everyone will love my album a lot and also show more love and support for LC, too. I hope you like/support the ‘So Good’ MV a lot too that is to be out in May. Thank you.

Translation via @rollingin777
Video and subbing via onebluemouse