Seungri’s Twitter & Instagram Updates (170420) [VIDEO]

Posted April 20, 2017 by

From Twitter:

From Instagram:

seungriseyo: 데뷔 10주년 기념 최초 빅뱅 자체 제작 예능 컨텐츠 #달려라빅뱅 빅뱅의 진짜 모습을 #youtubered 에서 확인하세요 4/27 일 대 개봉 #웃다가배찢어져도 용서해주세요.
(BIGBANG’s first self-produced variety show content to celebrate 10 years since debut #RunBigBang See for yourself at #youtubered on how BIGBANG is really like. Premieres on 4/27. Please forgive us if it caused you to #laugh_till_stomach_aches.)

Translation via bb.translations