Daesung Would Totally Date T.O.P. If He Was A Girl & Concludes Successful Japan Dome Tour

Posted April 27, 2017 by

Daesung would totally date BIGBANG’s T.O.P. if he was a girl. This was one of the revelations about the always cheerful BIGBANG member who celebrated his 28th birthday on April 26. Tons of revelations were made by his fans on the occasion of his birthday which they dubbed #HappyDaesungDay which incidentally made it to the list of trending topics on twitter.

Based on a compilation made by SBS Pop Asia, Daesung was asked in an interview which BIGBANG member he would date is he was a woman. In one interview, he picked T.O.P. but in another one, he also picked G-Dragon because “he has a lot of money.”

According to the report, Daesung’s dad was initially opposed him being a singer, and he almost didn’t make it because his style was not fit for an idol. It was a good thing that his stylist immediately worked on updating his style and his powerful vocals were able to speak for itself.

Aside from his early days as a BIGBANG member, revelations were also made about how well he takes care of his skin which even G-Dragon’s mother envied. He also had mad skills in playing drums which Mr. Red from The Band Six also mentioned when he credited Sandara Park’s recent clip as she played drums.

Daesung, who is more popularly known in Japan as D-LITE recently concluded his successful D-LITE Japan Dome Tour after he released his mini album D-Day early this month. Aside from performing to sold out arenas, Daesung’s album also topped Japan’s Oricon chart for the second time, a feat that was only achieved by one other artist – the late Michael Jackson, Korea Portal reported.

BIGBANG is currently on hiatus as a five-member K-pop group since T.O.P. has already started serving his mandatory military service. G-Dragon and Taeyang are expected to enlist later this year while Daesung may enlist next year. BIGBANG maknae Seungri is expected to enter the military in 2019 at around the same time T.O.P. completes his service.


Source: Koreaportal