Seungri’s Instagram & Weibo Updates (170317) [VIDEO]

Posted March 17, 2017 by

From Instagram:

seungriseyo: @naturalhighrecord 공식 파트너 @lebaronshanghai 에 @tpa_official 의 3월 #NHR party ! 불타는 금요일엔 @realbeatrappa @moobek @goldtea4u 의 #boomshell 과 함께하세요.
( @naturalhighrecord forumla partner @lebaronshanghai at @tpa_official’s March #NHR party! On burning Friday and together with @realbeatrappa @moobek @goldtea4u’s #boomshell .)

Translation via VIP4Daesung



From Weibo (it is the same video as posted on his Instagram):

Weibo screencap via @pandariko