BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT” Reaches Almost 76 Million Views, on Youtube, in Just over 3 Months!

Posted March 19, 2017 by

The video was uploaded on December 12th, then as of March 19th, just over 3 months online, the video has almost 76 million views. This is just for Youtube. The MV was also uploaded to other sites in South Korea, Japan, China, etc., so in reality the MV’s overall view count is much higher. The 76 million is for Youtube alone.


Other viewer counts for BIGBANG MVs on Youtube:

(this is by no means all of BIGBANG’s MVs, and all of them came from BIGBANG’s Official Youtube channel orin the case of the MVs that came out before BB had their own channel, YG Entertainment’s Official Youtube channel)

BANG BANG BANG = 216,611,059 views
Fantastic Baby = 281,281,263 views
우리 사랑하지 말아요 (Let’s Not Fall in Love) = 93,548,650
BAE BAE = 85,655,858 views
Loser = 127,133,709 views
Bad Boy = 104,591,448 views
We Like to Party = 60,179,249 views
맨정신(SOBER) = 74,203,017 views
Blue = 96,188,153 views
Monster = 70,008,785 views
Love Song = 41,718,221 views
Haru Haru = 76,901,898 views
Last Farewell = 19,750,567 views
声をきかせて(Let Me Hear Your Voice) = 42,187,126 views
Gara Gara Go! = 38,474,183 views
My Heaven = 28,115,484 views
La-La-La = 14,776,333 views
Lies = 37,957,774 views
(*A lot of the older MVs, from 2006 and 2007 seem to have lower views because they were not officially uploaded to Youtube by YG Entertinament until 2008)